Open Banking Risk Insight Platform for Lenders and Lending Platform for SMBs

Open Banking Risk Engine

Faster Access to Capital, Seasoned Lenders

Connect qualified small to medium-sized businesses with specialized lenders who are well-suited to cater to and meet the specific demands of their industries.

Embedded Credit Operating System

Embedded Lending API for Digital Platforms.

Your sellers apply for a loan directly on your platform. Provide sellers with the right financing at the right time. The loan is approved by our lending and the seller receives their money.

Lending Platform for SMBs

Connect to Our 100 Plus Lending Partners and have Quick Access to Finance

KUBE offers the tools required for the entire process of creating credit products, from application to decision-making and underwriting, which can be embedded.

Unleash the power of cash flow driven
underwriting through open banking

Kube affordability score is data-driven representations of a consumer’s potential or ability to take a variety of actions, such as creditworthiness, defaulting on payments, repaying a loan, or turning a lead into a customer. Every digital interaction leaves behind a data trail that tells a story about the consumer’s habits, preferences, and behaviors. 

Data Categories

Organize, categorize, and enhance unstructured transaction data to produce well-organized, simplified, and precise account records.

Valuable Insights

Reveal essential insights and characteristics that depict a consumer's financial standing, including liquid assets, financial commitments, spending tendencies, and more.

Income Sources

Study banking transactions to pinpoint gross and net earnings, assess income stability, and evaluate employment-related details.

We Connect Borrowers & Lenders

SMB Business Finance

Empowering your SMB business

Business Credit Card

Earn benefits through business credit cards

Consumer Credit Card

Get the credit you deserve

How It Works?

Log in to the app with your phone number

Answer a few questions to generate a Kube score

View affordable credit options to suit your needs

Get a decision and receive your funds

For Fintechs

No fintech experience?

Don’t worry. We will take care

Kube enables you to quickly create and launch various types of credit products, such as credit cards, Buy-Now-Pay-Later and B2B payments, by using just one API and contract. This allows for a full credit operation to be live in a matter of minutes.

For SaaS Companies

No SaaS experience?

We've got this covered too

Embedded credit: Your new growth-driver Drive growth, boost your bottom-line, and delight Your customers with the capital they need to thrive. Straight from your products from your product experience.

For Lenders

Attract more customers,

lend smarter

Utilize Kube's marketplace to access qualified small to medium-sized businesses and make quick credit decisions using Kube's credit decision-making engine. Improve your credit models by using your own customer data in combination with external sources, which will help you outcompete your competitors.

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